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George McFetridge

A native Edmontonian and longtime mainstay of the Edmonton Jazz Scene, George went from the University of Alberta to Berklee School of Music in Boston and then a stint with the Buddy Rich Big Band touring the USA. He settled in Toronto for a time with TV gigs and a teaching position at Humber College (1985-92). During his stay in Toronto he was a co - founder of Unity Records, a cooperative that enabled many Canadian Musicians such as Mike Murley, Barry Elmes, Bernie Senensky and others to reach a wider audience.

He has performed with many well known artists such as Fraser MacPherson, Woody Herman, Benny Golson, Lee Konitz , Kenny Wheeler, Woody Shaw, Phil Woods and many more, and has toured Europe with Jacek Kochon and Mariusz Kwiatowski. Presently based out of Vancouver George has been leading the quintet Strange Weather (with Dave Say on sax, Steve Holy, bass; and Bernie Arai on drums) and the quartet YT with Say, Arai, and Alan Penfold on trumpet.

Ear Contact: January Sun
George McFetridge (piano) and Ken Aldcroft (guitar)
Trio Records TRP 004

1. Almost Eight / Sure Footed After Midnight
2. Veil (RealAudio sample)
3. Kakaemono (RealAudio sample)
4. January Sun
5. Single Path (RealAudio sample)
6. Quai d'Orsay

7. Eighteen
         (RealAudio sample)

8. Getting Started
9. Superman
10. Here for Her/Listening
11. Clayoqout

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George McFetridge - piano
John Toulson - acoustic nass, electric fretless bas on 5 & 9
Bruce Nielsen - drums

1. Nothing
2. Pitchblend (RealAudio sample)
3. Rising
4. Could Be
(RealAudio sample)
5. Bud Powell's Birthday
(RealAudio sample)
6. Antonioni
7. After Midnight
(RealAudio sample)
8. E.K.E.
9. Reptile Trilogy

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George McFetridge - piano
Graham Ord - reeds
Paul Blaney - bass

1. Landscape #3
Part i
(RealAudio sample)
Part ii
Part iii
Part iv
(RealAudio sample)
Part v
(RealAudio sample)
2. Landscape #2
Part vi
Part vii
Part viii
Part ix
(RealAudio sample)
Part x
(RealAudio sample)
Part xi
  Other recordings:
THE VISITOR • Jacek Kochan (drums) Pat LaBarbera (tenor) Jean-Pierre Zanella (alto, soprano) George McFetridge (piano) Mike Downes (bass) with add horns and Strings - Unity Records 1991


SOLO PIANO • Unity Records cuts -

VIRGO DANCEThe Pat LaBarbera Quartet Studio Victor, Montreal , April 1987 with Pat LaBarbera - sax, George McFetridge - piano, Neil Swainson - bass, Greg Pilo - drums

GEORGE McFETRIDGE / ED WISE QUINTET • cassette - ? with Ed Wise - bass, Michael Stuart - sax, Ted Quinlan guitar, Barry Elmes - drums

DETERMINATION • Toronto 1979 with Michael Stuart - sax, Keith Blackley - drums, Steve Wallace - bass

JUMP STREET • Jazz House 7001 Toronto 1981 with Peter Leitch - guitar, Neil Swainson - bass, Terry Clarke - drums, Art davis - bass Freddie Waits - drums

SOMETIME IN ANOTHER LIFE • jazz house 7002 1982 Toronto with Peter Leitch

PJ PERRY SESSIONS • Suite1001 1977 with Bob Tildesley - tpt, Torben Oxbol - bass, Claude Ranger - drums

NECESSARY EVIL • Pat LaBarbera CBC Toronto 1975
with Don Thompson (bass) and Greg Pilo (drums).

with Pall (tenor and alto saxes), Sam Noto (trumpet), Jerry Johnson (trombone), Rick Homme (bass), and Terry Clarke (drums).

STICK IT • BUDDY RICH RCA4802 NYC 1972 with Buddy Rich Big Band - reissued as part of the Buddy Rich compilation CD Time Being


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