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Old Oct 1, 2006, 05:20 PM
Vic J Rhimes Vic J Rhimes is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2006
Posts: 23
Now really John - is this necessary?

Originally Posted by John Doheny
“Well, I now know at least one thing about you. You're full of shit. I sent you a private e-mail asking you to properly introduce yourself, and you refused. You stated you did not wish to have a private conversation with me, and requested that I address you only in the forum.”
The fact is Mr. Doheny, your email did not ask me to “properly introduce myself.” You sent me a curt (if not rude) 5-word email, the body of which demanded, “Who are you?” The fact is, I don’t respond well to people who make demands of me, and I don’t wish to discuss anything privately with you. As for being “full of s**t,” admittedly, this may well be the case, but not for the reasons you claim.

Originally Posted by John Doheny
“I'm not interested in being sniped at from behind an alias, so goodbye. This is the last response you'll ever get out of me about anything.”
Heavens, could I be so lucky. My, My, “Sniping at you from behind an alias.” This must be what you’ve been “suspecting” of me is it? What evidence do you have that I’m a sniper?

Many of my friends in the Vancouver jazz community know I’m using this pseudonym, and they know that it actually identifies me. To my mind, this means I am not anonymous. I don’t see why it should be a problem that John Doheny and Brian Nation don’t know who I am. I have posted nothing that falls outside of the rules of civil debate (OK. A little sarcasm now and then, but surely that’s allowed isn’t it? ), and I most certainly have not sniped at anyone. I have merely contributed some historical information to this website and presented an opposing view in the discussion forum on occasion.

Originally Posted by Ryga
…The people that create the negativity happen to be anonymous users…
It seems to me that the most negative attitude displayed in this thread is that of the most prolific poster on this site, Mr. Doheny, who seems to be reduced to swearing at me for some reason. Of course, as we determined earlier, he uses this forum shamelessly as a promotional tool. Now I suppose he’s going to call that sniping. However it’s really just a conclusion drawn from observation – and one that Mr. Doheny previously admitted to.

IMHO, the only way to have real forum discussions in a community of sensitive artists (many having very tender egos) is to encourage pseudonyms! Let’s face it…there are a ton of people out there on the net who love to play “Whack-a-mole.” The higher the moles profile (Junos, Grammies, great reviews etc.) the more fun it is for those low-lifes to whack the mole. If you really want to discuss issues, choose a pseudonym and before long everyone that matters will eventually know your pseudonym and the jerks with the hammers probably won’t hang around long enough to find out. Oh, one problem though, it doesn’t serve self-promotion very well - just discussion.


P.S. Don’t tell Doheny who I am. LMAO!

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